In what started as a weekend thing, Mlungisi tells us his journey to sports betting and how he made about R12 000 from a R50 small bets bets during the Champions league games and also how much he lost during bad days.

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“ I started sports betting I think about 3 years ago, after seeing Betway adverts on  SABC Sports.

At first it was a weekend thing, because I would only wager if my team Mamelodi Sundowns is playing. As time went by I became familiar with the EPL, as it is the biggest League in Europe and I started betting for top 5 teams, Manchester United, City Chelsea etc

Fast forward to 2023, now I bet for everything that is playing as long as there are stats available for analysis”

How much money have you made so far?
“ Well its so hard to tell because when you bet, you hardly keep the records. But to answer your question I will use the stats from the last month of March, which is the information available from my Betway dashboard.

I made a total of 17 bets for the last month, and my total stake was R4620.01 and the total payout which came from the tickets was R16,950.02 which translets to profit of about R12 000 in one month.

Sounds good! What’s the biggest amount you lost in a single day?
“ the most fascinating thing about betting is when you are starting it out, you always Win.

The moment you start analyzing too many stats, you put in a lot of emotions and you begin to lose. And greed is the key to losing money.

The biggest money I lost in a single day it was about R700, and it was because of greed (adding more teams than necessary), and trusting big teams putting one team in many tickets. And when it lost I lost all the tickets.

What advise can you give out those new to betting?
Firstly its choosing a good betting site with a lot of different markets, I use Betway and its good and the payouts are quick.
Secondly, play safe odds which are below 2.20, and create an accumulator of the teams that you trust across all leagues.

And make sure you get sports statistic apps like sofascore and flashscore, they give you all the data for free. e.g Table standings, head to head, lineups expected goals. Also, join Betway Facebook groups to see tips and inspiration from others.

One more thing, play for fun, and don’t use emotions. Betting is addictive make sure you play safe. They say play with your head not with emotions.

Can you share us your winning and losing tickets?

Yes sure, the one below is for Champions League which I ended up winning R1500 from R60 stake

And this one I lost by one team Manchester united, I was going to make R2300 from R50

Thank you for sharing us your betting Journey Mr. Mlungisi wishing you all the luck