Are my Personal Details Safe Online

With so many sports gambling sites out there, it is important to know that not all can be trusted to keep your sensitive information safe.

An unsafe website can spread malware, steal your information, send spam, and more. To protect yourself and your personal information, it’s important to know that a website takes your safety seriously – but how can you tell? Look for these five signs that a website is safe:

1) SSL Certificate | Look for the “S” in HTTPS

The bookmaker site must start with HTTPS not just HTTP. HTTPS security is provided by an SSL certificate, which protects sensitive information entered into that site as it travels from the site to a server. Without an SSL certificate, that information is exposed and easily accessible by cybercriminals. That information could be you Personal details, banking details etc.

2. Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions

A website’s privacy policy should clearly communicate how your data is collected, used, and protected by the website.  Nearly all websites will have one, as they are required by data privacy laws. Be sure to look for one, and read it over, before giving your information to a website.

3. Find their contact information

Ideally, a safe website will clearly display an email address, a phone number, a physical address if they have one, return policy if applicable, and social media accounts. These won’t necessarily provide protection, but they indicate that there’s likely someone you can reach out to if you need assistance.

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