How To Download The Gbets Datafree App For Android And iOS users 2023

Considered to be the arm of Gold Rush Gaming Group, Gbets is one of the elite bookmakers in South Africa registered and licensed under the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.  With the vast competition in South Africa, Gbets decided it’s time they level the plain field as they joined the Datafree App offer to their customers in 2019.

This was a huge relief for punters in Mzansi as this would be a solution for daily financial problems. This meant that punters didn’t need to buy mobile data in order to bet. Imagine while placing a live bet and you run out of mobile data, even if you try to buy airtime and buy data chances are that the live bet would have changed odds but with the introduction of the datafree app there won’t be any struggles like those.

Gbets Datafree App-How To download Gbets Datafree App

Unfortunately the Gbets Datafree App is not available yet on iOS users but they can always the mobile site which is as good as the app. Since Google Playstore doesn’t allow gambling and betting apps on their platform we will have to download the app straight from the website. Here is a short and detailed step by step guide on how to download your app in just a few minutes.

  1. 1. Firstly go to ‘Settings’ on your mobile phone and tap ‘Security’
  2. 2. Select ‘Unknown Sources’ and tap ‘OK’
  3. 3. After that maneuver through the Gbets website to find the download button, if you don’t find use this link to download your app.
  4. 4. After the download is complete you can install the app.
  5. 5. After installation, open the application and enter your username/email and password or if you are new Create account.

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Gbets Datafree App Main Features

Book A Bet- This amazing feature means that with Gbets you can create a bet and reserve it for later use. Every booked bet will have a Gbets Booking ID so you can create your bet and pay for it later whether at a shop or online. Since your bet will have Booking ID, you can share it with fellow punters.

Push Notification- These pop up messages keep you updated on what’s happening with your bets, new markets, live scores. With these notifications you will be able to decide if you can cash out if you don’t trust the remaining teams so that you cut your losses.

Live streaming- This is the one of the many perks of this app, you can live stream your favourite sporting activities.

Edit My Bet- Ever placed a bet and regret some of the teams and odds you chose and you feel like maybe the payout is too small. Well good news, as long as your bet is still pending you can change it to how ever you like, you can add and remove teams if you feel so at Gbets.

Cash Out- With the mobile app you will be able to access your betting experience on the palm of your hands meaning if you think your bet will lose you can cut your losses. Note that cash outs are not always available, the bookie will only provide it when feasible.

Gbets Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

There are several ways to deposit and withdraw money at on your Gbets online account which are very easy and quick, below are the methods.

Deposit Methods

Cash deposits
OTT Voucher
Direct Bank Transfer
American Express
EFT Transfer
Instant EFT
EFT Secure

Withdrawal Methods

American Express
1Voucher App
FNB eWallet


How long does it take to withdraw money at my Gbets account?

Withdrawing at Gbets is usually quite simple and takes less than 24 hours to be handled but the funds might take 1 to 3 working days to reflect in your balance

How can i withdraw money from my Gbets Account?

It’s very simple, login to your gbets account, then go to ‘Withdraw Funds’, after that choose the amount you want to withdraw, then choose the payment option you want and enter the details required and lastly submit your withdrawal request and in no time your cash will be sent.

Is there a difference between the Gbets Mobile App and the Mobile Datafree app?

In other datafree apps you have to set your app to be on data freemode but with the Gbets app it will automatically function without data so to answer the question, no there isn’t much of a difference.


To wrap everything up Gbets is a bookie that offers fantastic online betting and the introduction of the Datafree app helped punters to enjoy their betting experience without the fuss of buying data. On the downside the bookie can try to improve their websites by adding more lucky numbers for punters and it is very hard to locate the button to download the Datafree app.

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