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There are a lot of punters who still prefer to place their bets in Supabets Betting Shops. Supabets book a bet website was created to minimize the use of printed betting fixtures, whereby punters will have to exchange soccer fixtures and write down the codes and queue to cashier’s till for ticket submission.

Supabets book a bet website allows players to prepare their bets online with their phones or PC and generate the code with all their chosen teams selected then submit the booking code to Supabets cashiers and get a betslip.

How to book a bet

Go to Supabets website and click book a bet tab.

1) Login with your account details
2) Navigate to sports section
3) Choose your desired teams and their options,
4) Once you are satisfied, enter the amount of stake you want to wager.
5) Click accept odds changes, it will automatically calculate your total ticket payout amount
6) Finally click book a bet button, and you will get a booking code.
7) Proceed to the teller counter with your code to have your bet placed and have a printed ticket

Supabets book a bet benefits

If you have been into a betting shop before you might be familiar with long betting queues, especially during weekend where there are a lot of games.

This was mainly caused by the printed fixtures system, as cashiers would enter teams one by one and with different options. But with the introduction of book-a-bet its just single click process and the queue moves faster.

With all that said, a lot of punters now prefer to deposit money into their betting accounts and place their bets at home, without the need to go to a betting outlet.

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