Why 90% of Gamblers Eventually Lose

That’s the fact over 90% of gamblers eventually lose. The main cause is what i call the cycle of doom.

When you first started betting the only odd / market you knew was (straight win) as time went, you discovered that teams always disappoint with draws, and you started to bet (win draw) to be safe.

What followed? they started to lose, you jumped to BTTS, and you kept on discovering new odds day by day, after losing you changed the odd, trying to tweak things a little bit. and eventually you went back to straight wins.

its a cycle and it never ends, you keep on tweaking and trying to be smart but eventually you lose.

What causes the cycle of doom?

1. Trying to win big with smaller stakes

When you try to win big with smaller stakes, even if you have a good selection or picks. One or two teams will disappoint.

That’s not your problem, you got 13 teams correct and lost by 2.

To be honest your picking was great, just because football has some surprises it’s hard to get them all. You don’t have to change the strategy you use, just reduce the number of legs and increase the stake a little bit.

2. Tips all over the internet

Going around Google collecting all betting tips from the tipsters. I used to do that and my ticket will be a combination of various markets BTTS, straight win, overs and unders, to be honest, I did not have a direction or strategy it was random betting.

I know some of you that’s what you are doing.

Instead, you can look for 2 to 3 good tipsters. Check their picks and again do your own research from those picks. Don’t just take everything and generate a bet.

This will improve your selection skill and not to rely on tipsters always.

3. Discipline

When your first team loses, what do you do for your ticket which you spent about an hour drafting?

You just place the same ticket by removing the first team that lost or redo the ticket fast trying to catch up games that are about to start.

I advise you to relax a bit don’t let emotions drive you.

If you suffer from that problem its wise that you prepare two different tickets with different legs, so that if one disappoints you are left with one to depend on

Golden advice

The only way you could beat the cycle of doom is to stick to one or two markets.

I will always recommend Handicaps as they provide value. Place 1 – 3 legs with a bigger stake.

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