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Get Ithuba Sportstake 8 Fixtures and results for weekend and midweek.

You can play the SPORTSTAKE 8 game by predicting the first half and second half outcomes (1,X,2) of 8predetermined match fixtures drawn from various leagues and other identified professional soccer leagues across the globe.

How to play sportstake 8

1) Obtain an applicable Fixture Listfor the SPORTSTAKE 8 game and predict both 1 half and 2 half outcomes for each one of the eight soccer matches featured in the match list.

2) Mark your predictions in the applicable tick box for each relevant half in a soccer fixture with a black pen or pencil. A Home win(lead) prediction is indicated by marking (1), a Draw prediction is indicated by marking (X), and an Away win (lead) prediction is indicated by marking (2) for each half. Should you make a mistake, mark the ‘Cancel Box’.

3) Take a bet slip to a teller at an approved National Lottery retailer to make payment. You will receive a receipt from the teller with all your selected result choices. Make sure you write your name at the back of the receipt. Draws are conducted every Monday, Wednesday, Friday/ Saturday.

Cost of Play:
A single board entry costs R2.00.
A Multi-Play bet cost is calculated by multiplying the number of boards with R2.00.


You can select single or multiple outcome result for each half.
A valid wager must consist of at least one selection per half.
A Minimum price per wager is R2 and maximum spend per transaction is R2000.

Each single entry wager will cost you R2, including VAT.
SPORTSTAKE 8 results are considered as the score at the end of each 45 minute half, including the referee’s added time but excludes extra-time or penalty shootouts.